We know how hard it is to get journalism work experience – especially if you don’t want to spend a week making tea.

So, whether it’s news, sport or fashion journalism work experience you’re interested in – here are a few tips for landing that all-important placement.

  1. Don’t just email the editor – ring the publication and find out who is in charge of work experience. Get their name and email them directly.
  2. Be clear and polite. Journalists get a lot of emails and they are easy to ignore. So avoid putting someone in a bad mood and making their life harder.
  3. Stand out from other applicants by explaining what you can bring to the publication – i.e knowledge of the area and a contacts book.
  4. Take advantage of anything you are offered. If fashion journalism work experience is what you want but there is only space on the news desk, still take it. Just being in the office is a good way of making contacts, and you might be invited back if you make a good impression.
  5. Do your research so you know the areas and subjects the publication covers.
  6. Show an interest in the publication and the stories they have published.
  7. Send a link to your journalism portfolio to showcase your work.
  8. Pitch a few story ideas when you are asking for placement.
  9. Be flexible with dates and times.

If you’re a sixth form student struggling to find journalism work experience in Manchester then we might be able to help. Indeed, we run Manchester’s leading news site, www.mancunianmatters.co.uk, the city’s go-to publication for news, features, sport and comment.

If you are interested in a spot on our news desk for a week, email a cover letter and your CV to [email protected].

All School of Journalism Manchester students will be offered paid work experience at Mancunian Matters and earn £1,000 every summer.

What are your tips for securing good journalism work experience? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image courtesy of Rowan University Publications via Flickr, with thanks