A-Level results better than you expected? You might want to explore your options at another university – in which case UCAS Adjustment is your friend. Below you’ll have all your questions answered in our handy guide to UCAS Adjustment.

What is UCAS Adjustment?

UCAS Adjustment is an optional service for students who achieved better grades than they expected.

How does UCAS Adjustment work?

If you find out on A-Level results day (August 15) that you have met or exceeded the conditions of your conditional firm choice and now want to go to a different university you can try and find another place without losing your original offer.

Everyone whose place on a course has been confirmed can register for Adjustment but you are only eligible to use Adjustment if you have met or exceeded the conditions of your conditional firm choice.

There are many things to consider when applying for a different university via Adjustment, including whether there will still be accommodation available for you.

How to apply for UCAS Adjustment?

UCAS Adjustment is open from A-Level results day until the end of August.

Your personal Adjustment period starts from when your conditional firm choice changes to unconditional firm on UCAS.

You register to Adjustment via UCAS Track. This allows other universities to view your application.

From when you register for Adjustment on Track you have up to five days to research and secure an alternative place. Track will show you how much is left of your personal adjustment period.

There are no vacancy lists for courses available in Adjustment, so you will have to contact universities and colleges directly.

You will need to give them your personal ID and let them know you are applying via Adjustment. They will then check you are eligible.

If you obtain an Adjustment place, you give up your original offer.

The new university will tell UCAS and your original film choice will be notified.

The details appear in your choices page on UCAS Track. If you are accepted, UCAS will update your application and send you an email saying something has changed and you should check Track.

If you register for Adjustment but don’t find an alternative place, you will take up your place at your original choice.

How to apply for the School of Journalism

You can apply for our BA (Hons) Journalism degree via UCAS now. If you have any questions you can email us on [email protected] or call us on 0203 026 3781.

Here are the details you’ll need:

Course code: MUJO

Institution code: P63

Campus: London (L)

You can also apply for deferred entry at this point, if you’re looking to study with us next year.

The School of Journalism hold regular open evenings and journalism masterclasses. For more information, click here.

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