No offers? No problem! Here’s a step-by-step guide to UCAS clearing 2017.

What is UCAS clearing?

UCAS clearing is for anyone who would like to apply for a university or college but isn’t holding any offers.

It is open from July 5 (the day after the UCAS Extra deadline) until September, and you can apply as soon as you know you aren’t holding any offers.

Remember: A Level results day is August 17.

How does UCAS clearing work?

You can apply for any university or college with places still available – you can check which ones these are using the search tool on the UCAS website.

If you are eligible for UCAS clearing 2017 your clearing number will be in Track. You will be eligible for clearing if:

  • You applied after the June 30 deadline
  • You aren’t holding any offers (because you didn’t receive any or you declined them)
  • You didn’t meet the conditions of your offers

Tip: If you originally only applied for one course for the reduced fee of £13, you will have to pay an additional £11 to enable you to apply for multiple courses.

How to apply for UCAS clearing

Once you have your exam results you can contact any universities with vacancies that you are interested in – their phone number will be on the UCAS website.

You will need to have your personal ID number and clearing number to hand so they can access your application.

Tip: They may treat the phone call like a mini interview so you need to be prepared to answer questions such as ‘Why are you suitable for this course?’ and ‘What will you bring to our university?’ You should also ask them questions such as ‘Is accommodation still available?’ and ‘Do you need to see my exam certificates?’

If after speaking to you any universities are willing to consider your application you will need to enter the institution and course details into Track. They can then assess your application and decide whether they can offer you a place. They will then tell UCAS their decision.

You may receive a verbal offer on the phone but you still need to add your choice into Track.

Tip: Do not enter a choice into clearing without speaking to the university or college first as this may slow down your application.

If you are accepted UCAS will update your application and send you an email letting you know something has changed and you should check Track.

If you don’t get a place you can apply for another course with vacancies.

UCAS Extra deadline 2017

The deadline for UCAS Extra is July 4, 2017.

If you do not secure a university place using UCAS Extra you can apply via clearing which gives you another opportunity to apply for vacancies.

Read more about UCAS Extra here:

The School of Journalism

To apply for our BA (Hons) Journalism degree via UCAS here are the details you’ll need:

Course code: P500

Institution code: P63

Campus: Manchester (M)

You can also apply for deferred entry at this point, if you’re looking to study with us next year.

If you have any questions you can email us on [email protected] or call us on 0208 545 1662.

UCAS Extra deadline 2017

The School of Journalism hold regular open evenings and journalism masterclasses. For more information, click here.

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