From investigative dramas to hilarious comedies exploring the highs and lows of the media industry, here is our list of the best journalism films to watch!

Being a journalist is one of the most exciting jobs around, so it’s no surprise there are so many great films about journalism out there.

  • Spotlight

Number one on our list is the Oscar-winning Spotlight (2015), directed by Tom McCarthy. The film follows The Boston Globe‘s “Spotlight” team of journalists and its investigation into cases of widespread child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests in the Boston area.

  • Official Secrets

Starring Kiera Knightley, Official Secrets (2019) is a docudrama based on the real events surrounding whistle-blower Katharine Gun and her leaking of a memo exposing an illegal spying operation by American and British intelligence services.

  • Devil Wears Prada

As if we needed another reason to love Meryl Streep, Devil Wears Prada (2008) features Streep as powerful fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly. This hilarious film follows Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, a college graduate who goes to New York City and lands a job as Priestly’s co-assistant.

  • Network

Network (1976) is an American satirical black comedy-drama film about a fictional television network, UBS, and its struggle with poor ratings.

  • A Private War

Rosamund Pike stars as Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin in A Private War (2018). The film follows her visiting some of the world’s most dangerous countries and documenting their civil wars.

  • Bombshell

Bombshell (2019) is based upon the accounts of the women at Fox News who set out to expose CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. This is a stunning performance by Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron.


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  • Almost Famous

Almost Famous (2000) tells the story of a teenage journalist writing for Rolling Stone in the early 1970s, his touring with the fictitious rock band Stillwater, and his efforts to get his first cover story published.

  • All the President’s Men

All the President’s Men (1976) is an American political biographical drama film about the Watergate scandal, which brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon. It was nominated in multiple Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA categories.

  • State of Play

In State of Play (2009), Russell Crowe plays a journalist who probes into the suspicious death of a congressman’s mistress. This film is an exciting watch and explores journalistic independence as well as the relationship between politicians and the press.

  • The Post

The Post (2017) depicts the true story of attempts by journalists at The Washington Post to publish the infamous “Pentagon Papers”, a set of classified documents regarding the 20-year involvement of the United States government in the Vietnam War.

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