We firmly believe you learn how to be a good journalist by actually being a journalist, and you will have lots of practical opportunities to work on real journalism. We’ll treat you like a journalist from day one, and to help you, all our School of Journalism trainees will be given their very own journalism toolkit.


Journalists today are expected to keep up with modern technology and tell stories through a range of mediums. To help you learn these essential skills, we’ll equip you with your very own Apple iPad. This will come loaded with essential multimedia apps to support you during the course and help you build your journalism portfolio. Throughout your studies you won’t just be expected to tell a story in words, but with picture and video – and your iPad will be used for a range of multimedia projects. You will be able to use it to shoot and edit video content, produce graphics and infographics for online content, record and upload podcast projects and also to consume media throughout the course.

Next on the list is a classic journalist’s tool. Indeed, although you will learn shorthand as a key part of your course, we will also give you a dictaphone. You will use it right from the beginning, as you get to grips with interviewing and shorthand. 

This journalism toolkit is your first step towards becoming a journalist, and we cannot wait to see some of the work you end up producing with it!