TikTok is emerging as a prominent source of news and information for most consumers, not just Get-Z.

With more than a billion users worldwide, TikTok operating as a search engine has become more recognisable.

More and more creators are choosing to share news on TikTok. The app is no longer associated with dancing videos, but instead is saturated with the latest headlines and news to make consuming current affairs accessible, quick and fun.

From a behind-the-scenes look at a newsroom to on-the-go autocue practice, journalism TikTok is growing daily. 

Sounds impressive right? But, how does this apply to everyday journalism?

What is TikTok and what does it do?

It’s an app where users can create and share creative, looping videos between 30 seconds to 10 minutes. 

You can develop your videos by selecting from a large range of sounds, popular song snippets, short moments from films/TV shows and even YouTube videos.

Additionally, users can participate in challenges with the use of hashtags, much like Twitter or Instagram.

How can journalists use TikTok?

Using TikTok is a form of mobile journalism. And is a great way for sharing news in the moment.

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TikTok is also used by journalists to share advice and top tips for the industry.

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What do the experts say?

Sportsbeat social media executive Stefan Frost said: “At Sportsbeat we run the TikTok channels of numerous high-profile sporting accounts, which shows just how prevalent the platform has become in the world of journalism. 

“TikTok itself encourages short-form videos which transfer information quickly and succinctly. Delivering these videos in as creative a way as possible is imperative and should be at the forefront of all journalists’ minds.”

Sportsbeat digital content producer Matt Smith added: “It’s important to meet audiences where they are, and that means journalists need to be confident in adapting to different platforms. 

“TikTok rewards doing things differently and taking a more creative approach so it needs more time and experimentation, but the reach of viral videos can far surpass other platforms if done well.

“We all know people aren’t engaging with traditional media as in the past, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear about the news – they just want it presented differently. Rather than see it as daunting or giving up, journalists and content producers should see that as an exciting challenge.”

When sharing advice for journalists who want to use TikTok, Victoria Derbyshire said: “Be yourself and find out what you can bring to TikTok that other people aren’t doing. 

“What information can you bring that others aren’t offering on the platform?

“Remember to use viral sounds and post regularly because that’s when the algorithm kicks in.”

What are the benefits of news organisations using TikTok?

  • Sharing short videos is great for increasing engagement.
  • It’s relatable! Users feel like they can connect with you personally.
  • The platform recently added a link function for paid ads and sponsored videos.
  • You can use hashtags so your videos can be easily found.
  • Due to the multiple features of the app and its merging with the app Musical.ly, TikTok poses strong potential for longevity.
  • It’s free!
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What other publications use TikTok?

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