Two and a half months into my BA (Hons) Journalism degree at The School of Journalism and I have had more opportunities than I ever expected, writes first-year trainee Lauren Dent.

I have already published 16 articles on Mancunian Matters, interviewed eight international bands, artists, scientists and more, and listened to seven talks from inspiring journalists who work in different fields from around the UK.

BA (Hons) Journalism degree

I get to research and write stories about topics that interest me, review gigs and theatre productions, and – with the help of the staff – follow-up on my own ideas.

And, all in the beautiful city that is Manchester. I was extremely apprehensive about moving to this ‘Northern City’ at first, but each day I fall deeper in love with it.

Our office is in a perfect, central location, in Albert Square, overlooking pop-up stalls and festivals (right now we are overlooking the Christmas market)!

The plethora of coffee shops, places to eat, museums, galleries, cinemas, independent and quirky shops, theatres, nightclubs and music venues on offer have truly caught my heart.

The list of things to do is endless. With so many options available there is almost too much to choose from and you can be doing something completely different every day.

One of my most memorable afternoons was being sent out in pairs, each to a specific part of the city, with no lead or idea. We had to come back to the office the next day with a story we found.

Hard and daunting yes, but once those journalistic juices kicked in, I remember this feeling of wanting to be an investigative journalist rush through me.

study journalism in Manchester

Once we found the story we were going to cover, I dashed to the Manchester Museum to interview a world-famous artist on her exhibition, before rushing across town to interview an up-and-coming food blogger about the Manchester Food and Drink festival.

It was an extremely busy day, but I remember falling asleep thinking how productive I had been, and how much I enjoyed it.

The course has definitely exceeded my expectations. And I can already notice the change in my writing, thinking and confidence.

No other institution would give you so much hands-on work, nor the one-to-one interaction with the tutors.

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I’m extremely excited to see what is yet to come!

If you want to study journalism in Manchester or London, click here for how to apply to The School of Journalism.

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